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Cooking Classes

Mac & Ivy will come to your home and teach personalized cooking classes to you and as many guests as you like. Cooking classes are a fun, interactive way to entertain and eat delicious food. Cooking classes can be formatted as hands-on or demonstration-only or any variation in between. Some popular classes include, Death by Chocolate Dessert Party, Southern Barbeque Classics, Best Weekend Brunches, and many more, Guests are given copies of all recipes as well as a cooking favor at the end of the class.  


Whether you want to host an intimate sit down dinner, a large cocktail party, an office luncheon, or a wedding shower, we have a wealth menu options in our repertoire, including everything from perfect passed small bites to rustic family style barbecues. Whether you are expecting 20 guests or 200, we will customize a menu to fit your palate, and we can provide you with ideas and assistance on everything from signature cocktails to party favors.

Event Planning

We can provide assistance with all aspects of your event. If you need help with rentals, flowers, party favors, bartenders, servers or any other aspect of your event, we are happy to assist you.

About Us

jill mcmillan + rachel iverson

We started Mac & Ivy with three essential ideas in our minds -- food, friendship, and fun -- each concept equally important to the adventure. For the last fifteen years, we have laughed together, trusted each other, navigated challenges, and celebrated triumphs -- and through it all, we have eaten and eaten well. Whether it has been working together to perfect our children’s favorite cookie recipes or learning to make TriTip Chili with the ideal balance of sweetness and heat, we do not take deliciousness lightly. We bring that same love and attention to each of your events. In our catering business, we prepare every bite of food as if it were going to feed our own families. Call us or email us, and we will customize a menu to fit your taste and your vision.

In food, friendship, and fun,

jill (mac) & rachel (ivy)

mac@macandivy.com & ivy@macandivy.com


Gunnar & Jessica Peterson

"Jill and Rachel and their whole team are amazing. They make every event easy and tasty!"

Jennifer Solari, Sony Television

"Not only is the food fresh and amazing, but Mac & Ivy plans each event (no matter how big or small) with complete creativity. They are innovative in the planning, and the food, details, themes, service -- everything is always perfection."

Sandra Dewey, Turner Networks

"I enjoy Mac & Ivy's food so much that I sometimes pout when I see their delicious offerings at other people’s gatherings on Instagram. They never disappoint! Always sumptuous and beautifully presented."

Sample Menus

Please note: this is a small sample of our our offerings and everything is fully customizable to your needs

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